25/10 – Hoi Ha Wan Coral Community Eco Visit – UFE (Complet)

Début: 25 October 2020 - 0:00

Fin: 25 October 2020 - 0:00

Adresse: Sai Kung

L’équipe des ‘Amis de l’UFE’ vous propose une sortie à la découverte du parc marin de Hoi Ha au nord de la péninsule de Sai Kung. Cette baie protégée, populaire auprès des kayakistes, snorkelers et plongeurs, abrite une faune riche de 60 variétés de corail et 120 espèces de poissons.
(Voir détails ci-dessous en anglais)

ABOUT HOI HA WAN MARINE PARK (translates as ‘Bay Beneath the Sea’) : https://www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_vis/cou_vis_mar/cou_vis_mar_des/cou_vis_mar_des_hoi.html
It is a Coral Community Eco Visit starting off at the Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre, situated in the north of Saikung. This is 1 of 6 marine protected areas in HK, and a good spot to do snorkelling/scuba diving in the summer.
With this guided tour, you can glimpse some of Hong Kong’s marine treasures aboard the glass-bottom boat and learn more about the global threats facing our oceans.

DATE : Sunday 25th October 2020
TIME : 10h00 – 15h00 (detail below)
VENUE : Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre
CONTACT : [email protected]
REGISTRATION : https://forms.gle/2bvLjRiLVKXPYbkYA
*** Registration is on a first come first serve basis – closing on 18th June 2020 ***

HKD230 for UFE members
HKD250 for non-members
(include a guided tour + round trip transport between Sai Kung town centre & Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre)

10h00 – Meet our guide in Sai Kung town centre and get on the bus
10h40 – Get off at Hoi Hau Village and walk 15 min to the marine park centre
11h00 – Start of visit (Guided tour on glass-bottom boat and coral observation inside Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park + viewing of ”A Plastic Ocean” documentary + group sharing on marine life)
14h00 – Visit ends and walk 15 min back to Hoi Hau Village
14h20 – Get on the bus and return to Sai Kung town centre
[OPTIONAL] Drinks/ late Lunch together at own cost.

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